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Different translation services for different needs

Different translation services for different needs





Web content localisation

Web content localisation

SEO translation

SEO translation




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English, French, Italian, Spanish

"The language of Europe is translation"
Umberto Eco

Want to expand your activities outside your home market? Let me spread your word!

55% of customers only buy if the communication materials are available in their mother tongue. This means the success of your internationalisation depends first and foremost on communicating with your target in their language.
As a professional translator, my role is to establish the connection between you and your client. To do so, I take care of translating into French (from English, Italian and Spanish) all the documents that will be essential to the internationalisation of your activity:

  • Communication materials: Brochures, catalogues, e-mailing, press releases, newsletter, blog articles, publications for social media, video tutorials, website, product sheets, e-commerce, ...
  • Legal documents: General terms and conditions, product return policy, ...

Whatever your industry, tell me all about who you are and the story of your brand, then let me spread its fame beyond your national borders!

My guilty pleasures:

  • Luxury: Fashion, sportswear, perfumery, cosmetics
  • Design: Crafts industry, interior decoration, furniture, architecture
  • Food: Local products, gastronomy, oenology
  • Tourism: Guest houses, lodges, outdoor activities, culture, leisure & entertainment


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Another look at your writings

Another look at your writings 

Improve the quality and impact of your writing by giving yourself an extra pair of eyes.

Your texts were originally written in French or have already been translated into French, but you want to have them proofread and improved by a native French language expert?

According to your wishes, I proofread your content in detail and ensure not only the correction of spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax errors, but also stylistic flow improvement.

For texts translated from Italian, English or Spanish, I also check the consistency of the information with the original texts.

Website localisation

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Digital marketing

A website where your new audience feels at home

Earn the trust of your future customers with a website tailored to them.

You invested time and money to build a website that bears witness to your reliability and faithfully reflects your brand identity in your national market. You now want to promote your image to the 300 million French-speakers around the world by making your content available in their language.

Excellent decision! Your know-how deserves to be known and recognised worldwide!

However, limiting yourself to translating your website word for word could nullify your internationalisation efforts, or even seriously damage your reputation.

To reach your foreign audience and gain its trust, the professional translation of your website will imperatively need to be localised.

What is it about?

Localising a website consists of adapting all of its content to a local market. Every detail should look like it was especially designed for your new target. This is true both for visible elements, such as texts and images, and for less visible, or even completely hidden, elements such as metadata or URLs.

According to your needs and wishes, I can help you with:

  • The cultural localisation of visible elements (Texts, headers, footers, menus, images, videos, computer graphics, units of measure, sizes, calendar, time zone, delivery times and methods, return and refund policy, payment methods, prices, currencies, taxes, contact information, customer service, ...)
  •  The technical localisation of barely or not visible elements (URLs, backlinks, metadata, Alt tags, titles, image captions, keywords, error messages, pop-ups, forms, buttons, auto-reply emails, ...)
  •  A full verification of content once your website is published

Is it all Greek to you?

Contact me! I will be happy to translate!

SEO translation

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SEO keywords

Optimise your ranking in Google Search results

Boost your visibility and your sales with a SEO translation.

The keywords and SEO formulations that work in your main market are not the same in French-speaking markets. To reach your new target, a basic translation of your web content is not enough! You also want to make sure that it ranks high in search engine results so that it can easily be found by your future customers.

As a SEO translator, I not only translate your content into perfectly adapted French, but I also carry out a market analysis of the most relevant keywords related to your business in the French-speaking markets. I then integrate them into your French content so that you gain visibility on search engines.

Among other things, this involves probing the SEO and advertising actions of your competitors and analysing web search trends in relation to your products and services. For this, I use specific web tools that allow me to achieve effective results in the medium and long term.


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SWITCH to creative mode!

SWITCH to «creative mode»!

«When in Rome, do as the Romans do»

Adapt your marketing strategy to your target and shine with effective content to gain the trust of your customers in French-speaking markets!

You want to sell your products and services abroad? A word-for-word translation of your marketing campaign could ruin all your expansion efforts and seriously tarnish your brand image.

Indeed, an innocuous concept in your national market can turn out offensive in another country. This is why, to be successful in your international marketing campaign, it is essential to bring transcreation into play.

Key to your expansion strategy, transcreation is much more than a simple literal translation. It is the creative rewriting of your original content, conveying your concept and the essence of your brand, on the one hand, while taking into account the codes that are specific to the audience you are targeting, on the other.

Avoid missteps! Shine as bright abroad as you do at home by entrusting the transcreation of your campaigns to a professional who knows by heart not only the language but also the socio-cultural specificities of the French-speaking markets.

Need a genuine partner in the international development of your business?

Let’s team up!

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